It can be difficult for some children to meet new people. Adjusting to any new social scene isn’t always easy.  Having all new classmates, transitioning to a new school or most of all moving to a whole new community can be tough. This is an exciting and emotional time for everyone involved. You’re trying to keep them interested in the new school year and the new friends on the horizon. Let’s face it, as much as we’d love to, we can’t instantly wipe away their pain because their best friends are left behind or they can’t fit in quickly with the new crowd. But we can ease their discomfort by making the transition a bit smoother. We can help them find ways to make new friends. I think it’s important to teach kids the value of writing handwritten notes. Later in life they’ll be better equipped to send thank-you notes after an interview. They might really enjoy writing if you start encouraging them to write early on. No matter how simple their first notes are, they’ll be bringing smiles to someone’s face. Choosing stationery is one of the most fun parts of the process, and if your kids have a...Read More
When writing your thank you note or card it is nice to include an individual reference to your gift and some kindness or memory it has evoked. This will go a long way towards letting them know how special they are not only in their gift giving, but in your life. You can also elaborate on how nice it was to spend time with them, or that you missed seeing them at your event. Just let your personality take over, and make your message sincere and from the heart. It is always nice to include that you will think of them every time you use their gift, or that you will include them when you use their gift. Whatever comes to mind to include them in your future plans, parties and life. So, be sure to keep your thank you notes, pens and stamps on hand. You should keep a close inventory, and consider giving them as gifts to others. They will be well received, because even in this busy time of email and text messaging a personal hand written note means more than ever! Be considerate and thoughtful; write your thank you notes! Read:  Part 1  |  Part 2...Read More
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