Monthly Archives: August 2012

Luggage Tags

My parents have been retired for almost 20 years and enjoy traveling together very much. They have 5 daughters, 19 grandkids and 4 great-grandchildren to visit in addition to taking trips to places they’ve always wanted to experience.  American Stationery … Continue reading

Labor Day

Ah, Labor Day. The unofficial “last hurrah of Summer”. The arrival of Labor Day means the unofficial end of summer. Either way, Labor Day is a welcome weekend for almost everyone, it is often marked by weekend getaways, a relaxing … Continue reading

Personalized Party Ware

Yes you heard it, personalized party ware is the latest party trend for all of your special occasions. Balloons, fun drinks and party decorations have always been common when having a party, but, it’s time to get your party started. I … Continue reading

Ideas for Your Man Cave

Every man has dreamed about having their own man cave, a place were they can relax, watch the game and feel like king of the castle. A man cave is a designated area of the house that is specialized to meet … Continue reading

Letter Writing Basics

Letter writing is definitely a dying art, I think the only time anyone puts pen to paper now is when writing Christmas or Birthday cards. I must say I do like getting cards through the post instead of junk mail … Continue reading