My parents have been retired for almost 20 years and enjoy traveling together very much. They have 5 daughters, 19 grandkids and 4 great-grandchildren to visit in addition to taking trips to places they’ve always wanted to experience.  American Stationery carries Gold Stamped Luggage Tags, Big ‘n’ Bright Luggage Tags and Engraved Luggage Tags. These personalized and durable markets are perfect for them! They don’t have to worry about someone else picking up their luggage by mistake. Like everything that American Stationery sells these luggage tags are quality products—they can stand up to any rough trearment they may encounter. I can’t always travel with my parents; but I can help make their adventures less stressful by helping them locate their luggage as soon as it slides onto the baggage carousel! —Mindy Mac
Ah, Labor Day. The unofficial “last hurrah of Summer”. The arrival of Labor Day means the unofficial end of summer. Either way, Labor Day is a welcome weekend for almost everyone, it is often marked by weekend getaways, a relaxing time at home with the family, barbecues in the park, or for tens of millions of Americans, road trips. My memories of those trips include my brother, and I each having a square board with 25 spaces with 24 different images of things we were to look for as we drove. When we spotted, a stop sign, a school or a tractor, we would look for the symbol on the board and, slide a little window across that spot. It wasn’t complicated, but it forced us to take in the scenery and mildly interact with each other instead of fighting. Here are some simple guidelines for your road trip, barbecue, day on the lake or staycation: Decide in advance where you’ll stop for meals. Even if it’s a rough estimate it will prevent driving for too long, stopping at restaurants with long lines, and grumpy children/family members. Fill up with gas, water, and snacks before you go. Labor Day is notorious...Read More
Yes you heard it, personalized party ware is the latest party trend for all of your special occasions. Balloons, fun drinks and party decorations have always been common when having a party, but, it’s time to get your party started. I think it is partly the personalization that makes gatherings popular. The second thing is whenever you have a party you are going to have to buy supplies anyway. Why not plan ahead and give your guests the extra attention they deserve for only a few more dollars than you would spend on white paper table napkins you can easily and affordably customize with your own design. The personalization does not stop there, you can also choose from a large assortment of personalized coasters, tumblers, glasses or guest towels. Personalized Coasters are heavyweight 3″ square ivory coasters or lighter 3″ round coasters. Choose red, blue, green, purple, brown, light blue, rose, silver, and gold ink in any design of your choosing. You will be seeing custom napkins at wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties and of course for the upcoming holidays. This includes napkins for fall, Halloween napkins, Thanksgiving napkins, Christmas and Hanukkah napkins. Order early and save on the best...Read More
Every man has dreamed about having their own man cave, a place were they can relax, watch the game and feel like king of the castle. A man cave is a designated area of the house that is specialized to meet the individualized needs of a man. The relationship between a man and his own cave is an undeniably passionate one, more of a mental vacation, a chance to escape the rigors of everyday life without having to take more than a few steps. It’s a place you can make a mess, relax and yell at the TV. Along with its entertainment value, it is one of the easiest renovations you can make to your home. One of the most beautiful things about the man cave is that one can be made almost anywhere in your home. This could be a basement, a spare bedroom or any room where man-cave necessities, such as cable, can be hooked up. The great thing about a man cave is that you can include anything you want. The idea is to tailor it to your specific interests. Then budget for those things, giving room for other miscellaneous purchases along the way. First things first, you have...Read More
Letter writing is definitely a dying art, I think the only time anyone puts pen to paper now is when writing Christmas or Birthday cards. I must say I do like getting cards through the post instead of junk mail and bills. Despite what many people suggest, I refuse to believe that the handwritten word is dead. With all the emails and instant messages flying around, people often need a refresher on how to write a good, old-fashioned letter. Nearly all writers in all levels find it sometimes hard to start writing what they have in mind. Writing is a complex skill that requires time to develop as many elements are weaved together to form one final product. Writing is more than just putting words and sentences together. Creative writing allows you to vent a personal thought, subjective feelings and practically anything that comes to mind. To achieve a good piece of writing, there are some essential and well defined stages within the writing process that make sure you will actually end up with the piece of writing you intended to have. A formal style of letter is required for professional correspondence, business letters and occasions when you must show respect to...Read More
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