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How to Write a Love Letter

Love letters are not reserved for the overly-romantic or poetic. A love letter is a great way to express your feelings for someone…and it doesn’t have to be cheesy or mushy to make a real impact. As with all letters, … Continue reading

How to Write an Apology Letter

Apology letter vary greatly in significance and weight. If you have gravely offended someone or done something you seriously regret, the best course of action is to first apologize in person and then send an apology letter as a follow-up. … Continue reading

Mom’s Calling Cards

Moms are known for multitasking and this is one more way you can do that! You will never have to search in your purse for a pen and paper again. Personalized calling cards make the life of a busy mom … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Thank You Note Timing

Question: What is the proper amount of time for thank you notes? Does the time depend on the gift/event? Ed The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Ed, I have always said, “the sooner the better!” When thanking someone for a gift … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette: Note Cards for Couples

Question: I wanted to buy embossed note cards for my nephew and his wife and wanted to put their initials on the front of the card. His name is Phil, hers is Amber and their last name is M___. Is … Continue reading

Consider a Destination Wedding – Part 1

Finally, the love of your life got down on one knee and asked you to marry him. There can’t be a much better feeling in the world than knowing you will be with your best friend for the rest of … Continue reading

Embossed Correspondence Cards – Suggestions

I know everyone reading this loves to write their own personalized letters. At times you just like to write an informal letter to a friend or family member. Other times you just need some stationery for a quick note at … Continue reading

Embossed Correspondence Cards – Intro

Nothing is more elegant than embossed correspondence cards. These cards should be a part of everyone’s stationery wardrobe. These card generally measure 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ and are usually available in ivory or white heavy weight paper. They can be … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Lingerie Wording

Lingerie Shower- women only, hosted by any bridesmaid, friend, or family member (but should be close enough that you feel comfortable giving her underwear); gifts are generally lingerie for the honeymoon, including panties, thongs, bras, and other unmentionables; casual in … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Couple’s and Lingerie Shower Wording

Couple’s Shower- men and women, hosted by anyone in the wedding party, friends, or family; gifts generally given are for the couple’s home, monetary, or can be anything related to the couple’s personality or hobbies (such as camping equipment for … Continue reading