Have you ever met a child (or an adult for that matter) who likes to write thank you notes? It is an unwritten rule that a gift should be acknowledged promptly.  A handwritten note is really a way of showing appreciation for the item and the gesture.  Thank you notes make the gift giver feel appreciated, and these notes reinforce the importance of gratitude in today’s world.   You may be thinking that all this makes sense, but how do I get my child or teen to actually write a note.  Here are some age appropriate tips to make this process go from a chore to a tolerable (even pleasant) experience.  First and foremost, as an adult you must set the example.  If your children see you writing thank you notes, they will come to realize that this is the right thing to do.     Of course you will do the corresponding on the behalf of your infant and toddler.   Since you as the adult will write the note, you can choose whatever stationery you like.  I suggest that is personalized with the child’s name and have a whimsical feel since it is being written on behalf of the...Read More
For years. greeting card and stationery companies have marketed their products almost entirely to middle aged women. However, recently there has been a major shift to a younger generation of consumers, both male and female. This shift is due to the fact that younger people are motivating the stationery market. This shift creates an opening for conventional stationery companies to branch out to new stationery ideas that will appeal to a younger generation of stationery customers. Now, you might be saying how can this be true. With the technological world we live in where email, text messaging and internet, how can stationery be so popular? Easy, because of how technologically advanced the world is people are often longing for human contact. This makes traditional stationery even more appealing for important or sentimental purposes. Obviously a box of stationery will not be replacing a PDA or cell phone any time soon. Stationery will always be around to help people communicate in a more personal way which is an idea that appeals to every generation. Stationery has historically provided people with a personal form of communicating, however, today keeping in touch means much more than simply exchanging contact information and important news....Read More
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