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Writer’s Block – 5 Questions to Help You Put Pen to Paper

We’ve all become accustomed to emails and text messages, neither of which requires us to write in complete sentences or even complete words! The result is that some of us have literally forgotten how to sit down and write a … Continue reading

Toddler Birthday Party

Whether you’re planning a first birthday party or a celebration with 100 candles, it should always be a happy and festive occasion. So it’s important to you and your friends and loved ones that everything goes well… Is the birthday … Continue reading

Commonly Misspelled Words

Worried about penning a letter without the "safety net" of your trusty word processor, its spell check function and backspace button? Here’s a list of some of the most commonly misspelled words you can use to check your words before … Continue reading

Stationery Glossary

Bevel A beveled edge is the precise angle cut along the edge of the bevel edge cards. Bright-White Paper stock that is crisp, clean and the purest shade of white. Most often used for letterhead and envelopes. Blind Emboss Blind … Continue reading

High Fashion, No Frills Stationery

To get the ultimate in creative versatility you should choose a bold, basic, beautifully crafted stationery. It will be perfect for any occasion that may come up; thus it’s always a good idea to keep a supply of both sensible … Continue reading

Correspondence Cards and Calling Cards

Single-panel correspondence cards are the ultimate in versatile stationery. They can be used for informal notes, thank you cards, invitations and so much more. When you give the gift of personalized correspondence cards, you give the gift of style. Here … Continue reading

Green Gifts

Even the most discerning environmentalist on your list will find plenty of uses for personalized stationery. Give them the gift of eco-friendly notes so they can communicate in style without sacrificing their environmentalist sentiments. Eco Chic Cards Giving an entirely … Continue reading

Kids Stationery: Designs that Make Writing Fun

Do you want your children to learn the art of letter writing but have difficulty getting them to have fun with it? The following designs are sure to make writing enjoyable and will go a long way in teaching your … Continue reading