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Make a Statement with Personalized Stationery Part 2

Earth Child / Eco-Chic If you live for a cause and that cause is saving the planet, do not think you cannot respect the earth and use stationery at the same time. Today’s stationers offer more choices than ever of … Continue reading

Make a Statement with Personalized Stationery Part 1

The age of texting and email has not killed off the ancient art of handwriting. In fact, sending good, old-fashioned personal notes is becoming more popular than ever. With so much of our communications being electronic, people are recognizing the human-touch … Continue reading

Questions Most Frequently Asked Everyday Etiquette… Stationery for the Men in Our Lives

I have gotten many questions about the best personal stationery for men.   Having years of retail experience and a husband and 2 sons, I have learned that there is a certain look 8 out of 10 men choose.   Correspondence Cards … Continue reading

Football Invitations

Finally our long awaited football season is here! This time of year is a happy time for most of us guys and many ladies too. Mild days and cool nights add up to hanging out with our friends having a … Continue reading

Classic Wedding Place Setting Invitations

It is now that time of year when many women are hoping for a tiny box under the tree. It’s true that many men will propose around the holidays. For a lot of us it is the only time of … Continue reading

Natural Shells Note

Now that we are emerging into the throes of winter many of us have already begun dreaming about spring break, the first chance to break away from the bitter cold and get a taste of the many long lazy warm … Continue reading

Introduction to Correspondence Cards

The Correspondence Card has become one of the most versatile items among the many stationery items available.  Correspondence cards can be used for short notes, informal invitations, thank you notes and several other occasions that may arise.  These cards are … Continue reading

Letter Sheet Suggestions

Letter sheets are offered in a variety of choices and styles, choosing the appropriate one can be complicated.  They can be embossed or printed and may also offer a straight edge, hand bordered, or even a deckled edge design.  The … Continue reading

Introduction to Letter Sheets

Letter sheets are the formal paper in your stationery collection used for longer letters.  There are a few different sizes available. The note sheet measures 6 3/8" x 8 1/2" The standard letter sheet generally measures 6" x 7" The … Continue reading

Spring Time Stationery

It’s never too early to be thinking of spring and all the things that come with that time of year. The hectic holiday season has come to a close and the air, while still crisp, holds promise of warmer weather. … Continue reading