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The new year will be upon us before you know it. Thinking back on my childhood experiences I remember staying up late (or at least trying to), eating junk food, and then at midnight my parents would bring out pots, … Continue reading

Thank You Notes: Common Courtesy in need of Restoration

Writing thank you notes should be common practice in an American home. The sense of gratitude and thankfulness for even a small gift that these timeless little cards represent is essential to the fabric of our society. As many reasons … Continue reading

Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Be Resourceful…Be Yourself

In many ways, taking the time to write letters is both sensible and memorable. Think back to your last birthday…how many generic birthday birthday cards did you receive? Do you remember what any of them said? Instead of sticking to … Continue reading

Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Finding Creative Forms of Entertainment

Movies, dinners out, amusement parks, ball games, exciting vacations…these are just a few things that usually come to mind when we think of "family fun." All these fun things, however, come at significant costs to today’s families. Most of us … Continue reading

Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Staying in Touch while Staying Home

With gas and airplane costs soaring higher than ever before, it’s not feasible for most families to visit loved ones as frequently as they would like. Even if you can’t travel to see your favorite family and friends, you definitely … Continue reading

Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Creating a Personal Network

We all know the old adage that says "birds of a feather stick together." While it may sound a bit cliche, research shows that there is in fact value in surrounding yourself with positive, successful, happy people. When you surround … Continue reading

Letter Writing in Tough Economic Times: Landing a Great Job and Looking to the Future

According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Affairs, fifty-two percent of Americans are not saving enough money, with many saving no money at all. If you and your family are "just getting by," you are certainly not alone. Why … Continue reading

5 Ways Letter Writing Can Help You Through Tough Economic Times

For many Americans, the rising costs of living can be overwhelming to say the least. A possible recession, soaring gas and food prices, and a poor real estate market among other things have most American families re-thinking their budgets and … Continue reading

Professional Calling Cards

In the professional world, exchanging business cards is as common as shaking hands. You would never let a new contact or potential client walk away without first trading contact information. In this age of networking and multitasking, why should your … Continue reading

You Are Never Too Young To Say Thank You!

Have you ever met a child (or an adult for that matter) who likes to write thank you notes? It is an unwritten rule, a valuable tradition, to acknowledge a gift promptly. A handwritten note is really a gesture of … Continue reading