Monthly Archives: October 2011

Competitive Job Market

Our current job market is tougher than ever. There are so many young, eager and qualified persons out there that are out of work and looking for a job.With such a competitive job market it is an absolute necessity that … Continue reading

Have You Thought About Christmas Cards Yet?

Have you thought about Christmas cards yet? Why not make this year’s Christmas card a photo card?American Stationery has so many different choices available to you it is so hard to pick just one. From the whimsical to the traditional, … Continue reading

Buying Blank Birth Announcements

Imprintable birth announcements allow you to design and lay out the message you prefer to be printed on them rather than some wording a company may print on all their birth announcements. You can also use your favorite fonts and … Continue reading

Birth Announcements

Very few events are as exciting, as memorable or as joyous as the birth of a new baby. Birth announcements are a great way to share the details of your baby’s arrival with your family and friends. Birth announcements should announce the … Continue reading

Personalized Stationery for Men

Men do not typically sit and write letters for hours about personal matters. Most men prefer to write quick notes and be done. If they need to write a letter, they typically go for more formal stationery options. We have … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Friendly Letter

Sample: (1) January 15, 2008 (2) Dear Katrina, (3) I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! Did you ring in the New Year in a fabulous way? It seems like so long ago that I last saw you. … Continue reading

How to Write a Friendly Letter – Getting Started

There you sit, pen in hand, ready to write. Now what? Getting started is actually the hardest part. Because there’s no "backspace" button, many people feel intimidated by the power of the pen. Don’t be! Simply think through what you … Continue reading