Monthly Archives: May 2011

Soaring Food Prices… Write a Grocery List

Grocery bills can be expensive. Staples like milk and bread are costing families more than ever. One way to combat the costliness is to write out a grocery list. By having a plan and sticking to it, you can reduce … Continue reading

Personalized Gifts – Wooden Signs

Both candles and soaps are neutral and suit any person, regardless of occasion. Our new personalized signs fit a more specific niche. Choose from several themes, including poker, pub, tiki bar, winery, tavern, or billiards; these signs are a must … Continue reading

Personalized Gifts – Candles and Soap

There are always those people that seem to be so difficult to buy for. Maybe it is a close friend that seems to have everything or a parent that never makes mention of items they like, want, or need. Personalized … Continue reading

Calligraphy Stationery Products

The word calligraphy literally means beautiful writing. It is a fine art of skilled penmanship that is both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. Before the invention of the printing press over five hundred years … Continue reading