Wedding Invitations Are Crucial

You may think to yourself, “Wedding invitations are not important; people just throw them away.” So you begin to focus on other essential focal points: the dress, the cake, the food. Although these are critical parts of your wedding, so … Continue reading

Perfecting the Wording of Wedding Invitations

You have your wedding theme all picked out down to the subtle details (that only you will probably notice). You have your dress—the dress—the one that is perfect for you and only you! You have already paid deposits on all … Continue reading

Essential Wedding Stationery for Communication with Guests

Congratulations on your engagement! He asked, and you said “yes!” It will forever be remembered as one of the best days of your life. Now that you are a fiancée and no longer just a girlfriend, you have a lot … Continue reading

Doing Your Wedding Guests a Favor with the Perfect Gifts

It is customary to give your wedding guests favors. This means, at each seat, a little something special is there for your friend and family members. Depending on the theme of your wedding and your budget, you can determine what … Continue reading

Coordinating a Theme for Your Wedding

What type of bride are you? You may not be so sure. If you are feeling pressure to start planning your wedding, one of the necessary factors you need to determine is a bridal theme. This may include a color … Continue reading

Your guide to choosing the right business cards for you.

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Unique Gift Ideas They’re Not Expecting

The average person spends well over a thousand dollars every year just giving gifts. There are all types of holidays out there, and the social convention dictates that people hand out gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and … Continue reading

Getting Beyond the Candy and Flowers

Guys often get a bad rap in the world. Men are practically humiliated in media these days. They’re always inconsiderate oafs who, with exacting regularity, forget their wives and girlfriends’ anniversaries and birthdays, and they always manage to miss Valentine’s … Continue reading

Commemorating That Special Day in Style

Did you know that fewer couples get married today than at any other point in modern history? For most people who hear this, the reasoning is axiomatic. With nearly 50% of all couples getting a divorce, fewer couples want to … Continue reading

Back to School Ideas for the Kiddies

The summertime is perhaps everyone’s favorite season. While the days can be hot and muggy, it’s when the family gathers for picnics, it’s when everyone gets together at the pool, and it’s when that backyard barbecue gets fired up. Though … Continue reading